Love Letter: I wish EVERY woman knew this  (4/19/23)

It takes so much courage to rest, to trust, to have confidence in oneself, and to stop chasing love. 

After so many years of hustling, fighting, pushing, and trying so hard to make love and life happen for me, everything changed when I learned how to align myself with what I really wanted and believe that life would support me. I had to believe that it was OK to slow down, to take care of myself, and trust that not everything would fall apart.

Most of my clients come to me only knowing “struggle love” – love in which they are over-giving, over-functioning, efforting to try and make someone commit, or they are chasing unavailable love. It’s hard to believe it could be easy – not without effort – but easy to open our hearts and let love in. 

Healing is about this. Allowing, trusting, and aligning ourselves with the truth. 

Your midweek mantra is, “I allow love to find me, to guide me and support me. I will not control, force or chase love.”

We have been fed the lie that the greater the drama, the greater the love, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Our childhood sets us up to believe that we have to earn it, work for it, and for women especially, somehow pretend to be someone we’re not or pretend to be someone without needs.

The goal is not to have a relationship. The goal is to have a HEALTHY one. 

The goal is a relationship that ADDS to your life, that supports you in thriving in your life, the one that helps life not feel so HARD. 

Becoming available for love is the work of growing up. 

Becoming a woman versus a child seeking attention and affection is the work required to have a thriving relationship. 

Many people settle for two children doing the drama dance, and I invite you to step into your fullest, truest expression of yourself and to trust that it is much, much better to be single than it is to be begging for someone to choose you and be with you.

It is better to be single than in a relationship where you feel more lonely. 

You deserve to be seen, known, loved, and understood. All of that is possible when you do the inner work – and you believe it. 

Open to Love is the path of healing, helping you release what is heavy on your heart and believe in how lovable you are so you can choose who is good for you.

Check out The New Truth podcast episode from this week, “How to Get the Love You Want.” We unpack all the barriers that might be getting in the way of you attracting the relationship you desire and, more importantly – how to actually be able to let love in when it shows up. 

I love you,