Open to Love is a 9-week self-guided program for single women who desire partnership.

🌷 For the woman who desires Real Love, who believes in the transformative power of Love, and who wants to grow in Love

🌷 For the woman who is willing to see how everything we have been taught about relationships is part of the reason we’re stuck, and that there is a way to break free

🌷 For the woman who keeps finding herself in relationships where she is unhappy, unmet, and upset but she refuses to give up and wants the real thing: divine, passionate love.

For nearly 10 years, I’ve been devoted to discovering what makes Love work and what gets in the way of women having extraordinary Love.

I have been devoted to growing in my own relationship and discovering what is asked of me every single day to create conscious intimacy.

Every day I listen to the hearts of women who ache for partnership and yet are shut down to their own Love, wisdom, radiance, and soul.

I hear clients, friends and followers share that they know that partnership will transform them, but they are bombarded with messages from our culture that say there is something “wrong” because they don’t have it yet.

I believe and have always believed that Love is why we are here.

There is nothing wrong with you because you don’t have a partnership yet.

You get to have the Love you want today, and you don’t have to be afraid.

You don’t have to settle, or sacrifice, or change who you are in order to be Loved.

I dream of a world where blooming, healthy Love is the permission we all need to dream big.

When one woman claims her right to love, her presence is healing for all the little girls out there who witness that. Her presence is healing for all of the women around her who may have sacrificed themselves for partnership or who are afraid to leave unhealthy relationships.

Love heals; it doesn’t hurt.

We think we just haven’t found the right partner when instead it might be that we haven’t found ourselves yet. We haven’t looked at our childhood abandonment wounds or our intimacy fears.

We say we want Love, but we are still getting caught up in the games of push / pull and the games of who should do what and the games or don’t want “too much.” In this program, that’s where this ends..

Opening to Love is about opening to yourself. 

Open to Love is about opening to life and learning how to let Love in. It's about learning how to expect the best for yourself and to stop making excuses for others, and how to stop thinking you need to be more, do more, or have more in order to be enough.

  • You keep attracting men who are emotionally unavailable often settling for crumbs and sacrificing your needs
  • You crave a loving, passionate, and committed relationship with a partner who deeply cares about you and wants to meet your needs
  • You struggle to accept yourself and think you just have to become a little more perfect to receive love (you don’t!)
  • You have an obsessive appetite for love that ends up pushing partners away or you have built sky-high walls around your heart that prevent true intimacy
  • You refuse to give up on Love but sometimes doubt that you’ll ever find it
  • You want to feel confident and true to yourself when dating so you call in the right person for you

Learn how to stop pushing Love away and learn what makes real Love stay. 

It’s time to clean up your relationship patterns so you can call in the partnership you truly desire.

Below is what we'll cover each week in Open to Love,

plus a few incredible bonuses!

Week 1: Welcome + Setting Intentions for Your High Level Love

  • Setting yourself up for authentic connection and real intimacy instead of chasing the fairytale we’ve all been sold
  • Adopting the right mindset and spiritual principles to attract the real deal: true love and lasting partnership        
  • Recognizing obsessive love and codependency to call in healthy love vs. staying stuck in toxic relationship patterns

Week 2: Clear the blocks and release the past

  • Uncovering  your specific love imprint that keeps attracting emotionally unavailable and avoidant men
  • Releasing the walls around your heart, letting go of past pain, and dissolving the subconscious fear that’s blocking you from love
  • Practicing the power of presence and rebuilding your belief and self-trust that love will come into your life

Week 3: Become a Grown-Up in Love

  • Recognizing the inner wounds that keep interfering with your dating and love life without you even knowing
  • Seeing, meeting, and nurturing your inner child while rebuilding your self-worth, self-esteem and what matters most to you
  • Creating the vision and values for the relationship you actually desire while getting clear on your standards (vs. expectations) and not settling for breadcrumbs

Week 4: Q+A

  • Deepening and integrating the learning from the first weeks with a 90-min Q&A and group coaching call                 

Week 5: Healing Your Relationship with the Masculine

  • Cultivate a relationship with your inner masculine energy
  • Release past hurts from men
  • Learn how to understand men in a way that creates emotional connection

Week 6: Opening to Intimacy & Shared Power

  • Listening to your heart, honoring your feelings, and using your emotions as a guiding roadmap towards healthy love 
  • Sourcing happiness, power, and sovereignty from within as the prerequisite for calling in true partnership
  • Deepening self-acceptance and radical self-love so you reveal your true self when dating and your man can fall in love with the real you

Week 7: Skills of Relating

  • Deepening your awareness of self and creating emotional intimacy when connecting on dating apps and in the early stages of a relationship
  • Learning the skills of conscious relating: setting boundaries, giving and receiving feedback, sharing needs and desires authentically
  • Avoiding self-abandonment in the process of meeting someone new, navigating your triggers, and learning to stay conscious and grounded in your body

Week 8: Receptivity, Magnetism, & Alignment

  • Releasing any obsessive overthinking and controlling tendencies when dating and letting your playful, open-hearted, and feminine essence lead the way
  • Feeling worthy, radiant, and magnetic from the inside out and letting a high-quality man pursue and lead YOU
  • Stop rushing and finally let love flow in gently while you keep walking the path towards real, lasting, and steady LOVE

Week 9: Celebration and Closing Ceremony

  • Deep integration work of all we’ve learned throughout the program, making time to answer your individual questions and continuing coaching as we celebrate the past 8 weeks.


  • A dating app guide that helps you stand out and call in the high quality love you want that details what to share on your dating profile
  • Boundary scripts so you can claim your needs, say no with grace, and be confident in stating your desires
  • An in-depth workshop on attachment styles so you can recognize problematic behaviors and habits early on
  • A red flags vs green flags guide to know when you need to steer clear of toxic patterns and when to lean in

This program is valued at $7,500.

Your investment is $597
or 2 payments of $349.

On sale for a limited time for $299!

Act now! Sale ends Friday December, 15th!

  • You think that real love is just a matter of finding “the one” and you’re still living in a fantasy that someone will come and save you
  • You aren’t ready to get a little uncomfortable practicing vulnerability and intimacy even if it makes you feel awkward at first (the rewards are so worth it!)
  • You haven't done any work on yourself and you don’t believe that love is part of our spiritual and personal growth
  • You aren’t ready to believe in the beauty of your dreams and Love story while supporting and celebrating other women’s success in life and Love


What is Open to Love?

Open to Love is a 9-week self-guided program for single women who are committed to creating deep, intimate Love and partnership in their life. For single women who are willing to do the deep work of healing their hearts, healing their intimacy fears, and growing into being the partner they wish for.

What happens after I sign up?

You'll receive an email taking you to the course portal in which you'll have access to all recordings, workbooks and bonus materials.

Do I get support from Catherine directly?

The way to receive 1:1 support from Catherine is inside a container of 1:1 work. In this program, Open to Love, there is no 1:1 support.

Do you offer payment plans?

I do not. This is a sale offered for a limited time. The sale price is $299.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Email us at [email protected]


“I was just getting out of a 3-year relationship and it was a brutal break up. I was extremely codependent and struggled with believing I would ever find love again. I wanted to work with Catherine to heal, transform, and grow and I was moved by her story of hope when I heard her on an interview!! Through working with Catherine I was able to heal from my break up, believe in love again, end my patterns of codependency and attract amazing people into my life. I learned to love dating and sure enough, I met my man. We are moving in together and I couldn’t be happier!”

- Melissa and Adam

"I hired Catherine because I was tired of struggling so much in love and relationships. I was tired of trying to save men that I had no business attempting to save, tired of falling for narcissistic and abusive men, tired of being in on-again-off-again relationships, tired of staying too long in relationships and tired of not being honest with myself about what I wanted. I was so scared of making this investment in myself but I am so glad I did. I now have more self love and confidence than I ever could have imagined, I am reconnected with my power and actively creating the life I want, I am saying NO to what I don't want with ease and no longer afraid of speaking my truth to men. I have no doubt I am going to find someone and after putting up an online dating profile I am super proud of, high quality men are reaching out to me and I am enjoying myself! I am so happy I chose to work with Catherine who continues to help me believe in myself and in love."

- Maria

"I wanted so much to be chosen by a man. I didn’t realize that was driving me until Catherine helped me see if I wanted someone to choose me, then I would need to choose myself. To me now, choosing me means first and foremost knowing that my essence is beauty and love. My body is beautiful, my heart is beautiful, my desires are beautiful, my soul is beautiful, and the way in which I move in the world is beautiful. By choosing myself I met the one who chose me and who chose me enthusiastically! The man who couldn’t wait to commit to me. I realized that I was falling in love with one of my best friends, James. I am experiencing a relationship which has the ease, freedom, grounding and joy that I used to only dream about. I’m grateful to Catherine who asked the right questions and taught me what I needed to know to love differently.”

- Natalie and James

About Catherine:

Hi. I’m Catherine Danieli, and I’m a Love and Relationship Coach. Since 2012, I’ve helped thousands of women heal fear-based relationship patterns so that they can experience radical self-love and healthy, extraordinary romantic relationships.

My mission is clear -- most of us weren’t taught how to Love and be in relationships, but we can heal, and we can learn the skills to create conscious relationships. As a former love addict and codependent, I have devoted my life to teaching women how to love themselves and transform into women who have healed their past wounds and are at home with themselves and sovereign in a world that doesn’t make that easy for them to do so. It’s from this space that women can attract and maintain happy, healthy Love. I believe healthy relationships WILL heal the world.

I work with women 1:1, couples, lead workshops, and women’s circles, as well as group coaching programs. I’m trained in Level 1 of Relational Life Therapy (Terry Real), Healing Our Core Issues Developmental Trauma Program as well as the REBLOOM method. At the beginning of 2020, I launched The New Truth Podcast: A Modern Woman’s Guide to Extraordinary Love with my friend and fellow coach, Kate Harlow, where we teach women how to break free from the old paradigm of Love and our cultural conditioning on what we think Love should be.