Love Letter: Don’t skip this step for healthy love… (2/22/23)

As of next month, I will be coming up on coaching women around love and relationships for 11 years. For 11 years, I have helped women transform their love lives from feeling stuck, caught in dysfunction, and not knowing healthy love to experiencing the joy, peace, and security of a true, healthy partnership. 

There is powerful work to be done when moving away from unhealthy relationship dynamics, and there is an incredibly important step on that path, and that is this: self-forgiveness.  

Your midweek mantra is, “I forgive myself for every time I accepted less than I deserve. I forgive myself for what I didn’t know, and I am grateful that today, I know better.”

My expertise is working with women who have never had a healthy relationship. This is special work for me because this WAS ME. I found my way out of the drama, and I knew I had to support women to do the same. 

I work with women who have only known drama and dysfunction or only known relationships where they felt like they had to hide who they were and pretend to be someone they were not. I work with women who maybe have never even had the experience of relationships at all

On the path to finding healthy love, you need to forgive yourself. 

Self-compassion is the magical elixir that so many are missing on their journey of healing.

You need to forgive yourself for the time you spent in unhealthy relationships, the times you ignored your intuition, the times you held back on speaking your needs and boundaries, and the times you thought you weren’t good enough. 

Forgiveness is what sets us free to open our hearts again. 

We are held back by our self-criticism or shame, or self-blame. 

We are held back by our past when we don’t do the work to resolve, forgive and reclaim our power: this is what my work is about. 

My story is that I only knew unhealthy love, and it was only when I did the work to resolve the pattern of my choices and forgive myself that my heart was open for something different. 

This is what happens in my dating program Open to Love. The first part of the program is spent cleaning up your past so you can create a future love story that looks different than before. 

To learn more about Open to Love, CLICK HERE

You can enroll in this program at any time and begin immediately. You can choose to stop letting your past hold you back. We all have a past, but we have a choice on how we carry it forward.
Check out The New Truth podcast episode from this week,How to Transform Not Feeling Good Enough.” Most women struggle with the inner battle of never feeling good enough, no matter what they do. This drives so much of a woman’s choices and behavior in dating and significantly impacts the quality of partners they attract and what they tolerate in all their relationships. This episode is essential for all women – as the world we live in perpetuates a woman feeling disconnected from her worth. We share simple, powerful practices to stay rooted in who you are, so you can start to feel connected to your worth, value, and abundant enoughness as you navigate all your relationships.

I love you,