Love Letter: “Good on paper” is out for 2023 (1/11/23)

How’s 2023 treating you so far?! 

The theme of my life, after having a baby, is essentially all about letting go. Letting go of the old and welcoming in what’s new (which, spoiler alert: is everything). Letting go of expectations and “plans” and relaxing into a new rhythm of life. 

In order to receive what is good for us, we have to be willing to let go that which is bad for us. In order to receive aligned partnership, we have to be willing to let go of the relationships that are not aligned. In order to become all that we are meant to be, we have to let go of the patterns and beliefs and behaviors that are not truly authentic to who we are and what keeps love away.

Your midweek mantra is, “I am ready to receive only what is good for me and I make decisions in alignment with my highest good.”

When you love yourself, the only people who look good to you are the ones who are good FOR YOU. 

You have to be willing to take a look if you are caught up in relationships where you are unable to choose the people who are good for you and good TO YOU. 

Our healing journey asks us to love ourselves enough that we are willing to walk away even if…

📝 they are good on paper

📝 they are a good person

📝 it seems like you’re so good together but the needed glue that makes a relationship work isn’t there

This is the work of stepping up for real love – deciding that you’re going to pay attention to what FEELS good, to who IS good TO you, and it starts with deciding you’ll be good to you, too. 

You’ll do the work of loving yourself, respecting yourself, honoring yourself, and building a life that you love that is so full that you can’t imagine welcoming someone who would mess it all up. 

Being committed to ourselves first is hard work if a committed relationship is something that we want. 

The alignment will be – good for you and good TO you. They are good for you when you are relaxed, when you can be yourself, when they bring out the best in you, and when they help you have compassion for where you struggle. 

They are good for you when your life becomes better because they are in it. 

They are good for you when they are better than what you dreamed of. 

They are good for you when they challenge you just enough to stay on your toes, but you can take a deep breath because you know they speak the language of your soul and heart.

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I love you,