Love Letter: Read me for holiday fortitude (11/23/22)

I know that it’s cheesy, but it’s true: I am grateful for you. Sure, it’s the holiday season, but I think of it every day, the gift of having you in my community, consuming my content, and being a part of my world. 

I am thinking of you always, but especially now since the holidays can bring up so much. Unrealistic expectations, fantasies, pressure, grief, and sadness with those we are missing or who we lost this year. I also know that it can be a magical, beautiful time to reflect on who and what truly matters to us. 

Your midweek mantra is, “I am worthy and valuable because I exist. My relationship status does not define me.”

Let’s talk alllllll the things that go along with the holidays, like:

❌ annoying family members who keep asking why you’re single 

❌ societal pressure you take on because you think “everyone else” is coupled up except you

❌ if you are coupled up, the pressure to move in or get engaged 

❌ if you are newly dating, ideas about what kind of gifts you should get or if you’re spending the holiday together

…join me in remembering that your relationship status doesn’t define you. 

It doesn’t define your worth. It doesn’t mean anything

This life is made up of all kinds of experiences, and you get to decide the meaning you want to bring to your life. 

You get to decide how you want to move through this holiday season. 

And you get to decide how you want to show up in your life. 

You’re allowed to want a relationship and wish you had a partner right now.

And you’re allowed to be super bummed you don’t have either. ❤️

You’re NOT allowed to think that you are “less than” because you don’t have a relationship or expect a relationship to make you feel good about yourself finally. 

You’re also allowed to set SERIOUS boundaries with family members around their comments and decline to engage in conversations you don’t want to. 

If you’re in a relationship, you’re allowed to share what your expectations are for the holiday, so that you don’t end up disappointed. In fact, I highly encourage you do this. 

If you’re single, I have good news for you. My signature dating program, “Open to Love,” is available to you.

I want as many women as possible to get their hands on this. 

“Open to Love” is the program that helps you break free from the fairytale story of love and learn how to create the real thing. 

It’s also the program that helps you stop feeling bad about being single and learn how to feel good in every area of your life, not just romance. 

It also empowers you to become the kind of partner you wish to attract.  😉

Check out The New Truth podcast episode from this week, where Kate has a potent conversation with coach and friend Marianna Clarke on “What to do when you’re ready for a relationship, but it’s not here…yet!” They share tools and practices that will support you to keep your heart open to receiving love when it comes your way and how not to feel lost or discouraged while you wait for it to show up!  

I love you,