Love Letter: Saying goodbye…(12/13/23)

You know the phrase “let go or be dragged?” It is very powerful, yet most people I know (myself included) have a very hard time letting go. We want to hold onto what we love, keep ourselves safe with the things familiar to us, experience the security of what is familiar too, and it’s hard to let go. 

One of the most profound things shared with me during the time of my horrible breakup in 2013 was to stop waiting for it to be “easy” to let go. Walking away from my ex was going to be painful no matter what, and of course, it was hard for me to let go because I didn’t WANT to feel the pain of letting go. 

Sometimes, the right decision is STILL a hard one (ask anyone who has ever initiated a breakup or divorce). Sometimes, we initiate the letting go, and sometimes, it’s initiated for us. In this case, for me, I am saying goodbye to my old way of doing business and my old programs. 

I am a new person now, there is no “bouncing back” or “business as usual” for me. Motherhood changed me, as it has every woman. There are women who fight to “return” to who they were pre-baby, and there are women who embrace the new person they have become. 

I experienced a lot of loss last year – right after giving birth in July. We moved from our rental place in Charlotte in November, where we had lived for two years and were very connected to our neighbors. And we lost my husband’s Mother suddenly and tragically that same month. I entered a “survival mode” of sorts to be able to face my grief head-on, and while taking care of myself personally, it took time for me to see the changes that needed to happen professionally.  
Your midweek mantra is, “I am willing to let go of what is heavy, of what doesn’t work for me anymore, of what doesn’t fit the person I am becoming with thanks and gratitude.”

Every boyfriend I ever had broke up with me, did you know that? 

I’ve actually never broken up with a partner. I’ve ended relationships before, with friends and business partnerships I was involved in, but never a romantic partner. 

This skill is incredibly important for all human beings to know when to let go. 

Just this week, I heard from two past clients who told me they ended the romantic partnerships they were in this year, and I am so proud of them for their courage and honesty to stand for what they want in their lives. 

We can celebrate the work they did to enter those relationships, and we can celebrate what it takes to leave.

My business is a relationship, an extension of myself, and for 11+ years, I have done my business a certain way, and that is what’s changing now. 

Motherhood changed me, as it does every woman, and I’m just now catching up to the changes needed externally to reflect what has happened internally. 

We have to change if we want to create something new. That’s the message I give my clients all the time. 

We cannot create NEW experiences in love, thinking, and behaving as we have always done. 

It’s time I create a new experience with how and who I work with, and that’s what’s changing in 2024. 

Thank you, thank you for being here; whether you’ve been here for 11 years, 11 months, or 11 days, I’m glad you’re on this journey with me. 

May you also have permission to close the doors on things or behaviors that need to be completed in 2023 to make way for the new year.

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I love you,