Love Letter: Your Childhood and Your Love Life (11/8/23)

I spent so many years thinking I was “unlucky” in Love. I spent years (yes, years!) in my on-again, off-again relationship, thinking there was something wrong with me. I spent years believing there was nothing I could do about my love life, and it was all left to hope and chance. 

My own healing journey helped me not only understand how my childhood SET ME UP to behave the way I did romantically, but it also helped me to see the way OUT. 

Our childhood shapes so much, and while we can never return and have a different childhood, healing work allows us to create a brand new reality in the PRESENT. 

There are clear signs your childhood wounds are running your love life, and there is a clear path to a different reality – stay tuned til the end for that! 

Your midweek mantra is, “I embrace my story, my fears, and my wounds with compassion. I remind myself that I can’t change the past, but I certainly can change the future.”

There are many influences on how we show up in romantic partnerships and relationships in general. 

Our culture influences how we show up in love, patriarchy, and our childhood. 

I have been doing this work with women for 11 years. 

Transforming childhood wounds is not about spending decades rehearsing the story of your childhood, but it is about learning how to face unresolved feelings from childhood and step into adulthood. 

My favorite part about the path to partnership is that it IS a transformative path if you allow it to be. 

Our search for a partner is essentially the search for ourselves, for wholeness, for connection, and we can only experience the intimacy we crave when we have arrived at our full sense of self. 

How most people are doing relationships is repeating the patterns of their childhood and seeking the parent they never had. 

Reparenting work is not for the faint of heart, and cultivating relational skills is a work of art. Growing ourselves UP is the biggest work of all, and lord knows I came to this work because I was struggling so much. 

I was a wounded child looking for the childhood I never had. 

I am coming up on 10 years of being with my husband, Andrew, and this has been the most transformative experience of my life, challenging everything I thought I ‘knew” about love.

I have loved spending well over a decade learning about the science of love, the psychology of love, and the spirituality of love. 

The clients who work with me want so much more than just a partner; they want a “love for the ages” – a love that inspires, a love that sets them free from patriarchal programming, a love that brings them deeper into themselves and life, a love that reflects the woman they truly are.

They are women who want the love that will last a lifetime and are willing to do the work to become available for it. 

Check out The New Truth podcast episode from this week, “How the Quality of Your Friendships Impacts Your Love Life.” We unpack what toxic dynamics to look out for commonly experienced in female friendships, how to break free from these dynamics, and, more importantly – the key to creating and sustaining healthy relationships with women. The quality of the friendships in your life has a massive impact on your ability to have healthy, thriving romantic relationships – listen to this episode to learn why! 

I love you,