Love Letter: What matters most in love (11/22/23)

I am thinking of you as we move into the holiday season and allllllll the feelings that go along with it. 

Regardless of relationship status, we can all go through difficult things and beautiful things, sometimes simultaneously. That’s the truth of life. 

Thanksgiving 2021, I celebrated being pregnant with my family.

Thanksgiving 2022, Andrew and I chose not to travel and be alone, grieving the loss of his Mom. 

Thanksgiving 2023, we are still grieving, this time choosing to travel and choosing to introduce our daughter to the ocean in Florida joyfully.

Consciousness is our capacity to feel, our capacity to grow, and our capacity to stop resisting LIFE. 

In relationships, we have not been taught how to choose a partner, and many people think shared interests make love last. It’s not. 

What makes love last and what makes love grow is our capacity TO grow, expand, meet life on life’s terms, and choose how we bring ourselves to our joy and pain.

I invite you this holiday season to give yourself permission to grow in your capacity to FEEL, surrender to life, and rise above challenges in your life and face them courageously. 

Your midweek mantra is, “My heart expands in its capacity to love as I allow myself to feel all my feelings.”

You may or may not remember, but earlier this year, I shared the four best questions to ask on a first date in a Love Letter. The one that surprised you all the most was asking someone you’re dating about their practices for managing stress. 

The health of a relationship is dependent on the way each person cares for THEMSELVES so that they can bring resources, compassion, and support to their partner. 

When two people are on empty, it’s very hard to navigate life together. 

Every couple knows that they will go through hard times, and how someone handles stress tells you everything about that person. 

I have listened to women for 11 years talk about dating people who are great sometimes, but then when things get hard, they either bail on them, get angry and mean, or have zero coping skills. 

Consciousness and growth are about expansion and resource; it’s about being able to ride the waves of life together as a TEAM and as powerful individuals. 

It takes time to get to know someone because everyone is on their best behavior those first few weeks and hiding their real selves.

You know who you’re dealing with when:

1. You set boundaries.

2. Something stressful arises. 

This isn’t about perfection but about being human and recognizing that it takes skills to create great love. 

Capacity is about maturity, willingness to grow, and accountability for how we react to our lives and what we have control over. 

Check out The New Truth podcast episode from this week, “Sustaining Your Sovereignty During the Holidays.” Listen to hear us share how to navigate the depth of emotions that so many women experience during the holidays. Whether you’re single, married, divorced, in a new or significant relationship, experiencing family challenges, or grieving a big loss, this episode has something in it for you.  Learn how to become emotionally empowered no matter what’s going on in your life this holiday season.

I love you,