Love Letter: We Overlook This Core Love Wound (3/15/23)

We have so much work to do around love and relationships in our culture. I am so grateful you’re here, that you’re a part of my community and are doing the work to learn how to love.

The truth is, the core love wound is the belief that we aren’t lovable. This drives us to chase, convince, perform and perfect ourselves in the hopes that one day someone will love us. When we do this, we might get attention, but not love and certainly not the love that heals because we are pretending to be someone we are not.

I’m so proud of all of my clients who do the work to come home to themselves so they can effortlessly attract friends and partnerships that align with who they really are. 
Your midweek mantra is, “I am lovable. If someone is unable to love me, it’s not my job to try and convince them to. I surround myself with people who remind me I’m easy to love.”

It takes courage to believe that you are lovable and to recognize that someone else’s lack of capacity to love you is NOT because there is anything wrong with you. 

It takes courage to do the difficult work of facing your childhood wounds and grieve the love you didn’t receive and grow in love for yourself. It also takes courage to surround yourself with people who have you feel like you are so easy to love! 

I want you to have a relationship where loving each other is the easy part, it’s the rest that takes intention and effort to navigate.

This is what changes everything. When a woman roots into this truth – that she is enough, that she is lovable – and then the skills needed to learn how to be powerful in a relationship are not from trying to be “better” than she is, but from the intelligence of growing up. 

When we are no longer living from our trauma and instead are living from our truth, we see the gift of knowing what we need to learn when it comes to love and discover how powerful we are. 

So long as we feel unlovable, we will feel helpless around love. 

So long as we stay caught in the romantic fairytale, we will feel powerless around love. 

My work starts here, helping women discover their power and anchor this truth – that you are lovable and enough – so they can have a life that reflects truth rather than limiting beliefs and lies. 

Homecoming is a great place to start with two modules on BELONGING and WORTH on your path to finding what’s true for you. Don’t spend any time with someone who makes you feel like you’re hard to love.

Hundreds of women have re-written their love stories thanks to Homecoming – they stop letting their fears dictate what happens when dating and in partnership. 

Learn to stand up for yourself, heal your fears and anxiety around your needs and communicate your boundaries in Homecoming. 

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I love you,