Love Letter: How You Break Your Own Heart (3/29/23)

I think we can all agree that there are endless love songs about heartbreak and endless books about surviving breakups. There is now research that shows when we experience emotional pain it is exactly like experiencing physical pain in our body! 

Heartbreak is real, heartACHE is real and there aren’t enough people talking about the ways in which we are at the cause of our own suffering. 

Coming home to ourselves really is about coming home to our hearts. Healing is about opening our hearts and having the capacity to feel! When we are connected to ourselves we don’t tolerate toxic behavior, we don’t make decisions out of alignment with our truth and we don’t end up in unsatisfying relationships. 

Your midweek mantra is, “I am an advocate for my heart. I allow myself to feel all my feelings and let peace be my guide.”

We are quick to point the finger when others break our hearts but it’s time we look at how we sometimes do the breaking. 

Our hearts break from expectations, from fantasy, from the denial of our own feelings and needs, and when we put ourselves last. 

Our hearts break when we move through the world with false ideas of ourselves, telling stories of unworthiness and then wondering why we feel empty. 

Our hearts break when we refuse to face the reality of someone else’s closed heart or that they are unavailable. 

The path home is the path of the heart. 

The end of self-abandonment is the end of:

❌ self-judgment

❌ avoidance of our feelings

❌ making someone else responsible for them

The end of heartbreak is when we know we have our own back, when we can trust ourselves no matter what happens, where we are anchored in our own love so much so that we make self-honoring and self-loving choices for ourselves in EVERY area of our life, not just romantic partnership. 

Of course, the work is to FORGIVE YOURSELF for the ways you may have broken your heart, and know that we can begin again in every moment. 

My signature program Homecoming is the program for women who walk their way back to their heart. It’s the program to embody your worth, cultivate confidence and compassion and set the standards for how you wish to be treated in every relationship in your life. 

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I love you,