Love Letter: It’s Time to Receive in 2023 (1/4/23)

Happy New Year! 

I hope you had a peaceful holiday and that you were able to release all the unspoken expectations of the holiday season. 

We had our first holiday in our new home, with our new baby, and our first holiday without Andrew’s mom. It was both difficult and peaceful – I could really sit with all of the changes that have occurred in my life over the past six months. 

Fun fact? I don’t ever set New Year’s Resolutions. I have chosen a theme word for the past six years. The idea of choosing one word is that you will actually remember it, and it holds the intention for you as you walk through the year. 

My word last year was “intention.” I wanted to do things more mindfully and have precision with how I made decisions. This year, my word is “being.” My focus will always be on who I’m BEING at any moment, especially as a parent, versus our culture’s hyper-focus on DOING. What word are you choosing to embody this year?

How you are being at any moment dictates many of the experiences you’ll have. Are you open or closed? Afraid or trusting? Controlling or surrendering? It matters. 
Your midweek mantra is, “I am worthy and deserving of good.”

Let’s raise our standards in every area of our lives, especially our relationships. 

It takes work to believe in goodness – to believe you deserve goodness, especially when you’ve had a history of trauma and drama, and pain. 

We get to decide what we will and will not tolerate in our lives and relationships, and when we love, honor and respect ourselves, our relationships reflect that. 

You deserve…

🗸 to be treated well

🗸 to feel safe to be yourself

🗸 to be in relationships where you don’t have to prove yourself, perform, or hide parts of who you are

You deserve relationships where each person offers energy in maintaining and supporting the relationship. 

Let’s agree to say goodbye to relationships where we’re not met! 

You deserve empathy, relationships where someone isn’t trying to fix you, gaslighting you, or telling you to “just be positive” when you’re struggling, and empathy in which you are seen and known for who you are. 

You deserve all the qualities of real love: care, attention, and affection. 

We need each other. And we need HUGS. Do you know how important physical touch is to our brains? I hope you’ll hug your friends more this year, and I hope you’ll decide that you are worthy and deserving of extraordinary relationships. 

I had to work with this a LOT over the past few months. I deserved to rest, bond with my baby, have an extraordinary amount of help, and take the time I needed to take before I began working again.

You deserve to have what you need. 

I am grateful to be working again and connecting with many of you. 

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I love you,