Love Letter: Don’t go searching for love… (10/19/22)

Today is officially three months with Madelynne. I’ve completed “The Fourth Trimester,” and it has been an insanely powerful time. 

I am blown away by the amount of energy motherhood asks of me – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – and all it takes to hold this new life. 

I’ll never forget when a client said to me, “I can see now what intimacy asks of me.” It was one of my favorite moments in my work. 

Consciousness, parenthood, and partnerships do ask a lot of us, and we have to be willing to answer the call into greatness, actively participating in the unfolding of our life rather than following old habits, patterns, and routines. 

I am slowly returning to work, opening my doors for clients again, and getting really excited about a 3-day offering I’ll have for you soon. 

I look forward to being with so many of you again, from this new place I’m in, as we continue growing together. 

Your midweek mantra is, “I am whole and complete as I am, loveable as I am, and I let the love that I guide my journey.”✨

You need love to find love. That’s the thing everyone misses. 

If you go out searching for love, you won’t find it because love isn’t “FOUND.” 

Love is what you are, and it’s a remembrance of the TRUTH of who you are. 

It’s a collection of conscious choices that you make daily to BE loving toward yourself instead of judgmental, to be OPEN rather than closed, and to be ACCEPTING rather than controlling. And it’s a conscious choice to be yourself rather than someone else. 

Love is the experience we have when we allow ourselves to be exactly who we are and stop controlling life. 

So many people have such adolescent views of romantic partnership as if “finding love” somehow means all the work is over. 

My work with clients is to support them in coming home to the love that they are so that they become naturally magnetic to who and what is right for them. 

When we embody the love that we are, we don’t tolerate low-value behaviors from others, and we don’t accept people who aren’t loving toward us. This is the secret.

This is the healing needed because if we don’t know how to be loving toward ourselves, we won’t know how to accept someone loving us. 

My doors are opening soon for 1:1 clients who wish to take the journey to love and maturity. The journey of coming home to who they are, embodying what they desire, and cultivating the skills needed to create a conscious partnership. 

I can’t wait to walk with you on this journey! I’ve deepened the love I have for myself by becoming a mother and recognizing that I can only offer my daughter what I have embodied myself. I will model for her compassion, presence, patience, kindness, and self-care. I will support her in finding the truth of who she is because it is my job as her parent to help her match who she is inside on the outside. 

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Even if you’re not dating but navigating disappointment in your life, I think you’ll find this episode useful, too. 

I love you,