Love Letter: What impatience is really about… (7/20/22)

I am sooo excited to talk about PATIENCE today! It’s an important one, and many people don’t realize that what is driving impatience is the need to control

We live in a culture obsessed with timelines, goals, and achievements. Many women obsess about thinking they need a partner by a certain age (not if they listen to The New Truth, though!), which perpetuates so much suffering. The idea of a timeline or a “right” way of living keeps many people stuck. The idea that we are in control of other people is also a fantasy. 

When I started dating, I was completely relaxed. I didn’t have an agenda on “when” I was going to meet someone; I just knew that I would, and I practiced all of the principles I teach in my dating programs, and when my clients LET GO of the timeline, it turns out that is when they find their partner FAST. 

As of today, I am 2 days away from my “due” date with baby girl and let me tell you, while I am SO excited to meet her and can’t wait to hold her, I am truly patiently awaiting her arrival, trusting it will be at the most divine time. Obsessing over it or trying to control it does not help me! I hear patience is an important quality to have as a parent too 🙂 

Your midweek mantra is, “I trust the timing of my life. I am empowered by my choices because I live in alignment with Love.”✨

Patience is the hardest thing for so many people, ESPECIALLY those on the journey to finding a partner. 

Patience also doesn’t mean you’re sitting at home twiddling your thumbs, hoping your partner knocks on your door! 

Patience is about recognizing that we do NOT have control over life and cannot prevent never being disappointed or experiencing pain. Patience is actually about ALLOWING our experiences of discomfort, pain, and disappointment and recognizing that everything always changes. 

Most of the time, people put too much attention on what they CAN NOT control and not enough on what they CAN. This is at the root of all of my programs. Empowering women to control what they CAN – their mindset, feelings, and behavior and learning to release what they can’t – how other people behave, what other people think, and the timeline of their life. 

Being able to go with the flow of life is such an essential skill. 

It doesn’t mean you’re floating down a lazy river abdicating all personal responsibility;  it’s actually about being an active participant in the “what is” of life. 

It’s the recognition that you choose to flow, rather than FORCE things to happen (and we all know what happens when we try to force things, yeah?) and trusting that what is meant for you will find you, but you show up for it all too. 

I tell my clients preparing for a partner is ONE part of the work, and there is work to do to prepare. 

Building the skills of relationship and patience is one of them! Learning how to let go of control is certainly a big one for extraordinary partnership (and parenting!). 

May we all find our way by recognizing what we DO have control over (ourselves only) and what we don’t (everything else!) and enjoy living the truths of life. 

Patience is about allowing yourself to grow. 

You don’t plant a seed and then stare at it demanding to grow faster than it’s meant to – you water it and nurture it, not obsess over it. 

Let’s all do this with our journey in love. How well do you practice patience?

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I love you,