Love Letter: The #1 thing that blocks Love is…(7/6/22)

One of the most popular quotes about love and relationships that are shared VERY often is this, “Your task is not to seek for Love but to seek and find all the barriers within yourself you have built against it,” by Rumi. 

These barriers are often judgment, control, perfectionism, shame, and people-pleasing. The truth of finding partnership and real love is that it lives in our capacity to be real, to be honest, authentic, compassionate, and relaxed

So long as fear runs the show, you’ll never know real love. 

Your midweek mantra is, I embrace my fears around a relationship, holding them with love and choose loving actions instead.”✨

It really is this simple. Not always easy, but this simple. 

These four things CAN NOT drive you in your dating and partnership journey: 

❌ fear

❌ desperation

❌ scarcity

❌ unworthiness 

We ALL have intimacy fears. All people can get caught in fear of rejection, abandonment, or enmeshment. 

The inner work is HEALING these fears so they don’t lead us because they will not lead to love. 

They lead to chaos, dysfunction, unfulfillment, anxiety, and never what we actually want. 

Fear holds us back, keeps us quiet, keeps us playing dating games, and often fuels our insecurity. 

It is NOT about being fearless.

It’s about recognizing that fear is along for the ride but doesn’t have to drive. 

Choose love instead. Choose to say the thing you’re thinking and reveal your heart, relax and let go, and believe in more for yourself.

It is so vulnerable to be happy, to put yourself out there (for real!), and yes, sometimes things don’t always go as planned, but when you are led by love, you can handle it. 

This is the secret to finding an aligned partner – choosing someone who ALSO chooses Love.  Someone who is also playing full out and taking those risks with you. That’s how it works. 

The doors to my self-guided program, “Open to Love,” are re-opening soon. 🎉

“Open to Love” is where I walk you through the journey of no longer letting fear lead and instead, how to receive real Love. It’s also the method I offer my clients; the deep inner work necessary to truly be open to love and ready to receive the real thing. We can’t “think” our way into openness, we have to feel our way there, and we have to be willing to face the places we are closed. Of course, I’ll give you practical dating tips in this program, but most of all, this is the program that transforms you into the kind of woman that is ready for lasting love. 💞

Check out The New Truth podcast episode from this week, “Dating After Toxic Relationships.” We break down the necessary path of healing after a toxic relationship, so you don’t repeat the pattern.  Learn what matters most as you open your heart to love again. 

I love you,