You take your clothes off but you’re not naked

You take your clothes off but you’re not naked. 

This feels really edgy for me to post, but it’s been on my mind FOR SO LONG. 

Everybody wants intimacy, but few are willing to pay the PRICE for it. The price of deep vulnerability and exposure and revealing the TRUE self.

We ACHE to feel LOVED, but we CANT feel genuinely loved if we don’t share who we actually are. 

People are having sex, but then hardly ever sharing their dreams and desires and needs and feelings. People are taking their clothes off, but are too afraid to tell the truth. 

No one can KNOW who you are unless you SHARE who you are. 

No one can actually reject you unless you do first – and you are rejecting yourself every time you don’t tell the truth and you are abandoning yourself every time you don’t ask for what you need. 

Once you stop rejecting yourself and stop abandoning yourself, you see other people’s choices of partnering with you or not as simply THEIR CHOICES, not rejection or abandonment. 

And you end up only wanting the people who choose you too. The people who commit to the truth with you. 

Want to know how relationships go stale? People stop telling the truth! 

This is Committed to Love. 

This is LEARNED. A willingness to risk, to finding the SANCTUARY of your own heart that you never leave. The sanctuary YOU invite people into, with your permission. 

This is real love.

The ones whose souls are naked. 

The ones who would rather be the heroes of their life than hide. 

The ones who break open and break through to receive what they truly crave – the gift of being alive.

My 6 month group program Committed to Love is OPEN for enrollment. It is a sacred container for healing and transformation and growth designed for the woman who wants real love. 

If you’re interested in learning more, I’d love to talk to you about it! 

The skills of relationship are the skills of dating and they are totally LEARNABLE! Reply to this email and let’s chat. 

Sending you so much love,

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