How to stop attracting emotionally unavailable people

This is the million dollar question, isn’t it? 

I’ve been interviewed on so many podcasts and participated in so many summits where this is the question that’s asked – How does someone stop attracting emotionally unavailable people? 

Women send me messages asking “How do I stop being attracted to emotionally unavailable people?” 

The answer is the same every time. 

You’re asking the wrong question. 

The question is – Why am I attracted TO emotionally unavailable people? 

Here’s the thing. 

When you love yourself, the only people who look good to you are people who are good FOR you. 

Let’s read that again. 

When you love yourself, the only people who look good to you are people who are good FOR YOU. 

So if you find yourself being attracted to unavailable people, the question is “Do I love myself?” 

I know, I know. Maybe you’re sick of hearing about self love. I’m sick of people being confused about what self love means. 

Self love isn’t a “happy” attitude about yourself. It’s a commitment to yourself. It’s reflected in the decisions you make, the agreements you make, the beliefs you carry. Love is a verb, so when we love ourselves we ACT from Love. 

I have great news. We can LEARN how to Love. You don’t learn how to stop being attracted to unavailable people, you learn how to Love. 

You learn how to believe in yourself, in a higher Love. You learn how to transcend the fairy tale program into one of deep meaningful Love, Love that you are an active participant in. You write new empowering stories, letting go of the ones that have been on repeat that sound like “I’m not worthy” or “I’m not good enough.” You learn how to have FUN rather than be addicted to drama and struggle. You learn how to allow life to unfold rather than seek to control it.

How to learn this?

That’s what my 6 month program Committed to Love is about. 

You become committed to the practice of Love. 

Since Love IS a practice.

Join me and *only* 10 other women who want to rise in Love. 

If you’re interested in a spot, click here to send me an email and let’s talk. Let’s explore together whether this program is right for you.

A recent graduate said – “It’s been YEARS since I’ve been approached by man who didn’t just want to sleep with me. Now it KEEPS HAPPENING everywhere! I’m being approached, men are talking to me and asking me out.” 

The world didn’t change, she didn’t all of a sudden go to a bunch of different places. SHE changed and the world shifted with her. 

This program works. Let’s talk. You deserve it. 

I love you,

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