Revolutionary Love

Someone in my private group Sisters of the Heart recently posted something SO fascinating. She said she used to work for a psychic phone line and commented on how many people called in asking about love. She said, “They were desperate to know if someone who had broken up with them would come back,  or they wanted to know if it was OK to go back to a relationship they knew was bad for them, or they were creating relationships that were not shared by the person on the other end.” 

I remember going to a psychic when I was with my ex. Ok, lets be honest, I think I went 3 times… why do you think that is? Why do you think women are more willing to go to a psychic than they are hire a coach? Why do you think more women google relationship questions rather than get the support they need? 

Well, I’m going to tell you what I think. 

Reason 1: It is REVOLUTIONARY to ask for help around Love. 

People are stuck because they don’t even realize how much of the fantasy program of Love is running them. The fantasy that says “I just have to find the “right” person and that “right” person will know what I need and the right person is what will make it easy.” There is no capacity to LEARN about Love. There’s so much shame around love (as if we are supposed to just “know” how to do this) and that keeps people from asking for help. 


Women are not taught how to TRUST themselves. 

We are taught the MAGIC of Love without the SKILLS to create it. Love IS magical. Doing the work of love doesn’t mean you have to give up the MAGIC, the passion, the ecstasy. It DOES mean you have to step into being the creator. It does mean you ALSO say yes to disappointment, pain, hurt, grief,  because a relationship is no different from Life. It just means you now have another person you’re going through life with and with that person you have a choice on how you two spend your time, talk to each other, receive each other, what you create together. 

I went to the psychic because I wanted someone to TELL ME what to do. To do FOR ME what I was unwilling to do myself – face the truth. Face myself. Make my own choices. Of course I KNEW my ex wasn’t right for me (yeah you don’t cry yourself to sleep every night in a happy healthy relationship) but I wouldn’t get accountable. I wouldn’t give myself permission to listen to myself. 

The work of Love is PRACTICE. Commitment. Embodiment. 

This is what coaching is about. 

This is how my clients stop looking outside of themselves for answers, they are guided to their own intuition and their own POWER. No longer needing to be chosen, no longer needing to chase, no longer helpless in love, no longer run by the fantasy. The gift of learning Love is something I can actually LEARN!! And it’s something I NEED to learn. This is a devotional practice, a choice we make and come back to every single day.

Women who are ready to listen to their own heart, know their own worth, learn the skills of love, and receive the partner they’ve always dreamed of. Women who are ready to get out of their own way and surrender the fairy tale and have the Real Thing. 

All you have to do is fill out an application. Step one toward real love. 


I can’t wait to connect with you. ​


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