This may be holding you back in Love

My number one message is if you desire Love, love is meant for you. Finding love becomes so beautiful and easy when we remember that we ARE love, nothing is missing from our lives and a partner ADDS to our life, they aren’t the reason for living. One of the biggest blocks to finding love I hear from clients and women everywhere is this:

Feeling ashamed for being single

Yes, shame. Women who feel ashamed for being single, ashamed for needing help around love (which of course keeps them from GETTING the help they need) and judging themselves for being single KEEPS you single. THIS KEEPS YOU SINGLE!

I became a coach because I struggled in relationships. Eventually it caught up to me that how could I possibly blame myself for struggling in love when I never learned how to love, I didn’t have any training the way I did other things and the truth was, I had no idea what I was doing. My freedom occurred as a result of asking for help in love and figuring out exactly what it took to make love work.

Everyone always takes a beautiful sigh of RELIEF when I tell them it’s not their fault for not knowing how to thrive in Love. It’s not your fault! If you want to thrive in Love it starts with loving yourself, knowing you are worthy and deserving of extraordinary love and that you are LOVABLE. You are lovable no matter what. You are allowed to be imperfect (we all are!) and allowed to need support.

Are you judging yourself for being single?

Do you have shame around being single?

When you date from that place; you have set your partner up for being the answer to that judgement and shame. That’s not fair for them. Think about it, do you want someone to do that to you?

True love and relationships are possible. This true love, passion, and intimacy that we crave and desire does not come without effort or intention.

You can’t heal through judgement and shame. We heal through love and acceptance.

I was willing to be in acceptance of the help I needed and the things I was struggling with. This set me free.

It’s not your fault you’re confused in Love and it’s not the Universe’s fault it hasn’t happened for you yet. There are things you can learn, there are things you can DO to support yourself in finding the love that’s meant for you.

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