You run from room to room searching for the diamond necklace that is already on your neck - Rumi

My Homecoming self-guided course is for the woman…

...who is ready to draw a line in the sand… She will NO LONGER PUT OTHERS’ NEEDS BEFORE HER OWN, and is committed to reclaiming her life.

...who is ready to excavate and release her deepest fears and self-doubt, to start loving herself fully, and to learn to LISTEN TO THE TRUTH THAT ALREADY LIVES IN HER OWN HEART.

...who is ready to stop CHASING LOVE OUTSIDE HERSELF, to stop rejecting her own needs and desires, and to stop feeling like she isn’t good enough for the life and relationship she’s always wanted.

As women, we need to heal from thousands
of years of cultural conditioning, a belief by the patriarchy that we aren’t as important as men
(or important at all…), AS WELL AS
our childhood wounds

I teach women how to love themselves

SELF-LOVE is the GREATEST, MOST LIFE-CHANGING GIFT that you can give to yourself.
It’s the gift that truly keeps on giving…
in EVERY area of your life.

There’s a big difference between “Self Love” and the common trope, that “the ONLY thing a woman needs to find a partner is Self Love.”

Actually, Self Love is what a woman needs to have a LIFE of fulfillment, meaning, nourishment and joy…AND a partner (if she wants one).

 Self Love protects us from abusive relationships.

Self Love gives us the courage to advocate for what we need.  Self Love supports us in making our dreams come true.

Self Love is what connects us to ourselves.


LOVE is CONNECTION so SELF LOVE is about being CONNECTED to SELF and that's what HOMECOMING is… coming back to our connection with ourselves. 

After 10 years and thousands of hours listening to the hearts of women, listening to their stories, I know that so many women JUST WANT TO BE LOVED but don’t know HOW TO LOVE THEMSELVES.

I have been longing for more and more women to come home to who they are and to know that this is the secret to having the life they really want.

When you come home to who you truly are,
the self-abandonment, the self-betrayal and second-guessing stops...

• You stop anxiously waiting for someone to text you back

• You stop blaming your partner for not knowing how to read your mind

• You become magnetic to all that is right for you

• Everything that is true for you aligns with you and the rest falls away

• The one who is meant for you stays with you because you stay true to yourself no matter what.
(Do you realize how attractive this is to healthy men?)



Why women without self-love and boundaries are destined to become victims of toxic men

Recently, there’s been a spate of Netflix true-crime series about women being conned by scammers… “The Tinder Swindler” and “Bad Vegan,” to name a couple.

These examples may be seen as extreme, but women who aren’t in touch with their authentic selves are easy marks for low-level to master manipulators.

Not being in touch with yourself can be dangerous when picking men. It’s so easy for women who don’t know and respect themselves, without boundaries, to be manipulated by toxic men and end up in abusive relationships (Emotional, verbal, physical and/or sexual).

Until TOXIC MEN come with WARNING SIGNS, you need to develop much higher standards for yourselves.

Not to mention, SELF-LOVE, SELF-AWARENESS and SELF-COMPASSION will PREPARE YOU TO HAVE A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH A MAN. (As it did for me and hundreds of my clients.)

After all, how can you truly have compassion for ANYONE ELSE, if you DON’T HAVE COMPASSION FOR YOURSELF?

Do you put others’ feelings ahead of your own? (If so, you are ABANDONING YOURSELF.)

Have you ever been called “selfish” when you were doing what you wanted to do and not what someone else wanted you to do? Someone calling you selfish is manipulating you into doing what THEY want you to do (so THEY’RE the ones actually being SELFISH…!)

As women, we need to learn how to put ourselves first, to make ourselves a priority in our lives against a culture that has brought us up to believe that we’re “selfish” if we do so.

(However, if you’d prefer to be a saint / martyr, there’s a booklet you can buy for $4.00 called “On The Road to Becoming a Saint -The Canonization Process!” I’m serious.)

Prioritizing yourself is ESPECIALLY NEEDED for PEOPLE-PLEASERS (which is EXHAUSTING), to ensure that they are liked…and therefore feel safe.

(If you’re a people-pleaser, it’s not your fault. You learned to do this in childhood as a way to SURVIVE. Now that you’re an adult, you can STOP (PLEASE STOP…!) as it’s no longer serving you.)


My Homecoming self-guided program is about healing, Self Love and sovereignty. Helping women come back to their authentic selves so that they can have healthy friendships and romantic relationships, and even turn their current relationship around if they’ve been struggling.


I just want YOU to realize this!

Being loved “well” is the healing balm for which our souls ache.

My wish for you is that you find this healing from yourself and in so many other ways… NOT JUST WITH A PARTNER.

I want you to be like a beautiful cake. You take care of your own emotional, physical, and spiritual needs… and, when your partner shows up, he’ll be the icing on top!

The path to Self Love can feel overwhelming and insurmountable at times, but with my Homecoming self-study program you’ll be are guided, one step at a time, and it’s entirely doable… and cathartic. (See Testimonials below)

I invite you to join this 5-week container of commitment, devotion and remembrance.

Because when you remember all that you are and courageously choose to fully love and accept yourself, you are opening the doors to receiving the life you want and the love you desire in partnership

When you enter my world and my work, this program is where you start.

My goal is for you to come home to yourself and anchor into the place that will always be your safe place to return: YOU.

When you build safety inside yourself, you’ll be

less likely to give your power away.



Are you ready to make this commitment to yourself?

I can show you how to love yourself… gently and compassionately… in my 5-week transformational self-study course…

“Homecoming… Coming Home
To Your True Self: Attract All That You Desire in Life and Love”


The Primary Relationship in Life
Is the One You Have with Yourself

The Homecoming self-study program is for…

  • Women who are ready to stop chasing Love, doubting themselves, and feeling like they aren’t good enough for the life and the relationship they really want. 
  •  Women who have been looking outside of themselves for answers, or the “right” thing to do, and now want to learn how to listen to the truth that lives inside their own heart. 


Until you heal, open your heart, learn to be vulnerable and express your true self (You’ll learn that VULNERABILITY is actually STRENGTH), you’ll have a void inside you that no amount of external stimuli (incessant dating, shopping, drinking, drugging, etc.) will satisfy you for more than a few minutes, a few hours or a couple of days before you need that external stimuli again… and again… and again.


It’ll never be enough. You’ll never feel enough.

This is for the woman who is ready to RECLAIM HER LIFE.

This is NOT for the woman who is unwilling to change.

You don’t have to know how this is all going to work for you just have to know that you want to come home, to feel safe and certain within yourself and not NEED a partner, but would like a partner.

You stop obsessing about a man, and you begin to build a life that you love, start doing things you love, and building f friendships with safe and kind people.

I’ve been longing for more and more of you to come home to who you are.

The “Homecoming” self-guided program contains the secret to having the life (not just a relationship) you really want. A life that’s true to who you are, not the one you think you’re supposed to want because everyone else does.

Homecoming*…Coming Home to Your True Self

Awaken Your Heart,

Learn to Love Yourself and
Open To How You Want To Be Loved

A 5-Week transformational self-study course for women who want to fall in love with themselves, build unshakeable confidence, and become the fullest expression of their authentic self

*The Homecoming course will help you in ALL AREAS

OF YOUR LIFE. As a Radical Love Coach, my focus for the

 Homecoming course will be on LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS.




Your investment:

$397 MINUS $100…
my special discount means you only pay $297


You can pay in full:
(includes special discount & bonus gift)


2 payments of $159 USD

I invite you to this 5-week container of
commitment, devotion and remembrance.

5 weeks of clear guidance and a map that

I truly believe that these are the most important lessons you can learn to overcome cultural conditioning ingrained into us as women, as well as childhood conditioning that’s still negatively affecting you today.

Here’s a sneak-peek into some of the content you’ll be guided through…



  • Learn the brilliance of your nervous system and how to live from a connected state of consciousness.
  • Root into practices that clear away people-pleasing and the need for external validation… for good.
  • Learn to validate and approve of you.



  • Unpack and detox from the stories that have led you to believe that you aren’t worthy.
  • Anchor in the truth, that YOU ARE WORTHY, LOVABLE, MORE THAN ENOUGH and DIVINELY DESIGNED for the life that you want.
  • You’ll learn to stop chasing love and happiness anywhere other than within yourself.



  • Step into deep self-nurturance, self-compassion, and learn how to take radical care of yourself.
  • You’ll learn how to set energetic, physical and mental boundaries that align you with what’s TRUE FOR YOU.
  • You’ll reconnect with your natural life force and devote yourself to using your energy in a healthy way.
  • You’ll heal from any false beliefs that caring for yourself is “selfish.”



  • Learn the art of self-acceptance
  • End cycles of self-torture and self-rejection.



  • Witness a woman’s circle of sharing, deepening and supporting one another’s journey.

What’s included in the Homecoming self-guided program:

  • Four x 90-minute-long teaching sessions
  • A separate workbook for each session that guides you through each step of coming home to yourself… something that you can return to over and over again

The Homecoming self-guided program will shift and lock your new way of being into your very cells

I combine somatic work, trauma resolution, and Buddhist philosophy to lock in these new ways of being / feeling.

Mindset is only one piece of the work, coming home to Self is about the body. Our body is where our inner wisdom and intuition lives, where our pleasure and power lives… especially as women.

Most women are in their heads all the time, busy taking care of everyone else and never pause long enough to ask themselves what they dream about or what they really want.

Single women think a partner will make them happy, married women think if their partner would change then they would be happy. The truth is, it all starts with yourSelf.

The “Catherine Danieli Special Sauce” is NEUROSCIENCE meets SPIRITUALITY meets the INTELLIGENCE OF THE BODY (that will never lie to you) meets the DEPTH OF HEALING ENERGY THAT I BRING.

The practices that I teach are about recognizing that change happens through SMALL, DOABLE, DAILY STEPS. This is how REAL, LASTING TRANSFORMATION HAPPENS.

Because it’s about the listening to the intelligence of the body. Your body is where the essentials of reconnection lie.

This is not about just talking about everything, but really feeling everything and getting to the root of why there are problems in the first place.

The Homecoming program compliments therapy

Therapy is great and Homecoming is an added bonus.

I've had Ph.D. therapists sign up for Homecoming and LOVE it. Several have told me that they heard things they'd never heard before and that the material was presented powerfully.

Women from all walks of life, of all ages, have signed up for this program.

No matter how much work someone has done, this program brings you back to your roots, back to the memory of how beautiful and powerful you are and not a problem to be solved.

Here’s what the women who took my last Homecoming self-guided course had to
say about it…

One of the biggest things I took away is that I don’t feel lonely when I’m alone anymore. I feel like now I am able to appropriately and mindfully spend my time and I am not looking for an escape or to fill my cup of love with other avenues because I am able to keep my own cup full!

I think some of the biggest issues I was struggling with were lack of self worth and self love. I think without those you are lost and don’t even know it. Before the program, I felt like a flickering lightbulb with moments of brightness where my true self would shine but the program helped me to believe in myself again and embody everything I have to offer. Homecoming helped me to come to the realization that I will never let anyone dim my light again and I am able to shine bright all by myself!

- Sandy R.

This program was life-changing. I needed the support from Catherine to gain clarity around my needs, desires, boundaries in relationships to give me strength and courage to follow through with vulnerable conversations. It allowed me to speak my truth, letting go of fear of abandonment, and accepting whatever the outcome. This program allowed me to choose myself, instead of putting my partner's needs above mine. I am celebrating that I was able to speak my truth, be vulnerable, no matter how hard and uncomfortable it is to myself and those around me. I'm celebrating that I'm working on accepting all of myself, and taking the pressure off of myself with trying to be perfect.

- Lauren

This was an incredibly healing, helpful, and supportive experience. Before Homecoming I was struggling with feeling confident and secure in myself in the context of romantic relationships. I needed to heal from past unhealthy relationship patterns and learn to be vulnerable, seen and my whole self - not just the easy pleasing and happy versions that I think people want to see. I now have better morning routines (no phone!), increased awareness around boundaries and *trying* not to take things personally as well as a feeling of inherent worthiness and increased compassion instead of judgement.

- Chelsea S.

Even if you think you have terrific self-esteem and strong boundaries, you’ll be surprised to learn all the ways you’re abandoning yourself and how that impacts your relationships. The program gave me knowledge and tools to help change my reality. Such as attuning to myself vs. seeking external validation and specific affirmations to shift beliefs.

- Ann W.

Homecoming is for the women who want to come home to themselves and see where they may be giving their power away. I was struggling with depression, had lost myself in my relationship and wanted to come back to myself. Now, I’m doing daily practices daily to come home to myself and I've realized how important it is for self-love to be an ongoing practice.

- Joie C.

This is the model that is changing my entire perspective on life. I have more trust that I can stay centered and grounded in myself in group settings as well as self-worth, belonging, boundaries, and better relationships.

- Liz B.

Before Homecoming I was struggling with feeling like I was never good enough. I joined because I liked the idea that there were things I could change within myself that would allow me to feel happy and fulfilled either with or without a man in my life! I realized that I was not alone with some of the issues I struggle with. Now, my self care is much better and I periodically look back at the course material to remind myself of my worth as I am now.

- Winnie H.

If you are looking to deepen the connection you have with yourself, this is such a great program to welcome more self awareness and truth about who you really are. After abandoning myself in relationships in the past, knowing that I am already enough is more ingrained in my beliefs now. It's easier to come back to this truth now. I speak up for myself much more. I feel more confident and safe to be me <3

- Fannie L.

Each of the above testimonials about inner changes were produced not long after taking the problem.

The inner self has to change before this is reflected in 3D, which takes a bit longer.

I’ve had conversations and emails from Homecoming graduates who told me…

“I was able to walk away from a dysfunctional marriage and believe in what I deserved.”

“I started taking more vacations than I ever had before.”

“I began to believe that I could find a partner after years of giving up hope.”

“I was able to stop taking things personally and stop people-pleasing, stand up for myself and advocate for what I needed.”

“I learned how to rest, how to feel pleasure and joy again, and not work myself into the ground.”

You achieve the inner changes first, which gives you the foundation to attract the life and partner you want.

Catherine Danieli
Pioneer of Attracting True Love…
From an Open Heart!

I’ve been a love coach for 10 years, and most of my clients’ stories, as well as my own (before I got healthy!) are about believing that they had to BEHAVE A CERTAIN WAY IN ORDER TO FIND LOVE.


Before I Became a Pioneer of Love,

I was a Prisoner of Love!


Since I was really young (as a fantasy to escape from my family) I always wanted partnership. I desired it so deeply that I would become obsessed and did some wild things to try and make it happen. Things like…

  • Chasing men
  • ·Shape-shifting into who I thought they wanted me to be (e.g. pretending that I liked the same bands and activities as them) 
  • Pretending to be “low maintenance”
  • Hiding my true feelings so as not to appear “needy”

… to name just a few.

Of course, none of these approaches worked


I didn’t know how to be myself because I DIDN’T KNOW WHO I WAS.  I was who the world wanted me to be. 


I finally stopped these behaviors when I really got that THIS WAS NOT WORKING.

What DID work, however, was…


  • Healing my own heart,
  • Cultivating self-worth
  • Honoring my needs and boundaries
  • Raising my standards for how I deserved to be treated, and actually learning the skills of Love.

I’ve been married for 5 years to an amazing, loving, supportive man who’s kind, respectful, and ADORES ME as much as I ADORE HIM. And we’re pregnant! My husband proposed after 9 months of being with me. Before meeting him, no relationship I’d been in had lasted more than 9 months to 1 year. 

Everything You Need To Know
About Homecoming…

What is Homecoming?

Homecoming is a 5-week self-guided course for women who want to come home to themselves. Women who want to learn how to fall in love with themselves and their lives, and learn how to stop chasing Love or giving up who they are for approval.

What happens after I sign up?

After you register you will receive a confirmation email which includes a private link to access all of the videos inside a private course portal.

Is the program for single women or partnered women?

The program is for ALL women.

Do you offer refunds?

No we do not!

“Outer approval is a WANT not a need, Inner approval is a NEED not a want.”
-        Dr. Abraham Low, Neuropsychiatrist

 After 5 weeks of immersing yourself in the Homecoming program, you’ll have a brand-new awareness that will change everything about your life, the way you treat yourself, and how you’ll allow others to treat you.


  • You’ll be willing to drop the story that you are “incomplete” without a partner and take responsibility for creating the beautiful life you want for yourself. (And when he does show up, he’ll admire and respect you, and likely compare you with other women he dated who had no life and expected him to be their own personal entertainment center..)
  • You’ll stop performing and people-pleasing with people with whom you’re not that comfortable, and draw to you people from your own “tribe” with whom you feel completely comfy and safe, and have no desire to be anyone other than your true self.
  • You’ll feel SO MUCH BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF, living in your own skin because you know that YOU MATTER.
  • You’ll become aware when you’re criticizing yourself and pivot and be kind and compassionate …the way you would treat your best friend. (i.e. “Progress, not perfection,” “I’m doing the best I can.”)
  • You’ll forgive yourself for anything you’ve felt guilty about. (unless you did something truly horrendous in which I recommend that you discuss this with a therapist.:))
  • You’ll stop using the (controlling) word, “should” about yourself or with anyone else.
  • You’ll know what makes you feel good and feel good about yourself and stop doing the things that feel uncomfortable.
  • You’ll know that you (and everyone else) have the right to be treated with respect, and other people’s behavior tells you about them, not about you.
  • NO ONE…NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE… (Your date, your partner, your friend, your family member, your boss) is allowed TO TREAT YOU BADLY OR SPEAK TO YOU IN A DISRESPECFUL WAY. (If it’s your boss, it might be best to bite your tongue and just look for another job…any job… and get the hell out of there).
  • Despite how nervous you may be, you’ll advocate for yourself in these situations. (If you were abused as a child, you may find this challenging. If this is the case, imagine that you have a little girl and someone is treating HER badly. Then act the way you would to defend her).
  • You’ll remember to tune into yourself to screen out men, either because viewing their dating profile doesn’t resonate, you know you could never be attracted to them physically, or their texts or the way they talk to you makes it clear they’re not on the app for a real relationship. If you do have a “screening-fail” (it’s happened to the best of us) and do end up on a date with them, and you feel disrespected or neglected, GET UP AND LEAVE. He would deserved it, so DON’T. FEEL. GUILTY.
  • Gradually, you’ll increase your joy, feeling connected and grounded, experience more pleasure and self-compassion.
  • If your nervous system takes you to Fight / Flight / or Freeze, or you shut down, you’ll have the tools to reconnect to yourself and make yourself feel better.
  • You’ll have figured out what truly matters to you and begin creating a life for yourself that has meaning and purpose (whether or not you’re in a relationship.)
  • If you find yourself repeating your “old” story out of habit, you’ll catch yourself and stop and put that story to bed forever, and think about what you want your new “story” to be.
  • You’ll be able to see that, when you’re feeling jealous, it’s usually because you’re seeing unexpressed parts of yourself in other people that you want to embrace but haven’t yet.

Catherine Danieli,
Love and Relationship Coach

Hi! I’m Catherine Danieli, Love and Relationship Coach. I’ve helped thousands of women heal fear-based relationship patterns so that they can experience radical self-love and healthy, extraordinary romantic relationships.

I believe healthy relationships WILL heal the world. It’s my mission to show you how to heal and learn the skills to create conscious relationships because most of us weren’t taught how to love and relate to one another.

As a former love addict and codependent, I’ve devoted my life to teaching women how to love themselves and transform into women who heal their past wounds, find a home in themselves and become sovereign in a world that doesn’t make it easy for them to do so. Only from this space are you able to attract and maintain happy, healthy love.

I work with couples and women 1:1, lead workshops, women’s circles, and group coaching programs. I’m trained in Relational Life Therapy (Terry Real), Healing Our Core Issues Developmental Trauma Program as well as the REBLOOM method.

You can tune into weekly episodes of my podcast “The New Truth: A Modern Woman’s Guide to Extraordinary Love” where I share relationship advice alongside my friend and fellow coach, Kate Harlow.

You can break free from the old paradigm of love and open your heart to TRUE, AUTHENTIC LOVE – both with YOURSELF and the PARTNER OF YOUR DREAMS.

I want to help you transform your
relationship with yourself and ONLY treat yourself the way you would a good friend…with KINDNESS and COMPASSION

It isn’t hyperbole when I tell you that this is probably the MOST IMPORTANT COURSE that you’ll take in your adult life…

Coming home to your true self is the foundation for creating EVERYTHING you want in your life.

In addition to the many aforementioned benefits, in this Homecoming course, you’ll learn to…

  • Soothe and heal your wounded heart
  • If you’re a people-pleaser, you’ll learn that you don’t have to stay for 1.5 hours to make the guy feel better (as one of my clients used to do because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings). He’s a big boy and signed up for a dating site that everyone knows comes with highs and lows…)
  • Connect with your body’s intelligence – that (unlike your mind) will never lie to you about the way you really feel
    (You’ll learn to become more aware and really listen to what your body’s telling you. For example, If your solar plexus is clenched when a man you didn’t particularly enjoy on a date asks you out again, you’ll learn to acknowledge to yourself how uncomfortable you are, maybe tell him at the time that you’d rather not… or text him later, and RUN!)
  • You’ll gain the confidence to seek everything you’ve always wanted… including the relationship you desire with a high-quality partner. A high-quality man will know if you’re performing to make yourself look better and this would make HIM RUN even if you have Academy-award-winning acting skills, because this isn’t about acting or pretending. This is about YOUR ENERGY, something YOU SIMPLY. CAN’T. FAKE.

The “Homecoming” self-guided program contains the secret to having the life (not just a relationship) you really want.

A life that’s true to who you are, not the one you think you’re supposed to want because everyone else does.

Homecoming…Coming Home to Your True Self

Awaken Your Heart,

Learn to Love Yourself and
Open To How You Want To Be Loved

A 5-Week transformational self-study course for women who want to fall in love with themselves, build unshakeable confidence, and become the fullest expression of their authentic self




Your investment:

$397 MINUS $100…
my special early-bird discount means you only pay $297
+ You Receive a Bonus Gift!


You can pay in full:
(includes special discount & bonus gift)


2 payments of $159 USD

Candidly, I think 90% of women need this course. The other 10% likely had parents that gave them what the renowned psychologist, Alice Miller called, “The Adoration Banquet.” In the Homecoming program, this is what you’ll give to yourself.)

I’d hate for you to miss out on this self-guided program that will make such a HUGE, POSITIVE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE. Self-love is the foundation for everything you desire in your life. And this is the fastest method I know to get there.

You’ll have the courage to advocate for yourself in a way that you’ve never done before. You’ll have gained FULL SELF-ACCEPTANCE and SELF-LOVE, which will change your life in every way.

Maybe you’ve wanted to…

  • Feel truly confident
  • Truly love yourself
  • Advocate for yourself
  • Change careers
  • Ask for that promotion or pay raise
  • Start a business
  • Begin a healthy relationship with a healthy man.
  • Travel outside the U.S.
  • Move


But you feel unmotivated and stuck…


Don’t let another year go by feeling this way.


I want you to have the all things you want for yourself so I urge you to…SIGN UP RIGHT NOW

If you’re one of the MANY, MANY WOMEN wounded by the patriarchy’s collective cultural conditioning in which we all grew up (and, unfortunately, still exists today with a few exceptions), and dysfunctional childhoods in which you never felt truly loved, I long for you to take this course as I KNOW how much you would BENEFIT from it.

  • You’ll learn how to embrace the truths of your LIFE, and your divinely guided story
  • You’ll learn about who you really are and be able to be yourself in the world… unapologetically and unashamed.
  • You’ll learn that being loved well is when you are accepted for EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE
  • You’ll learn to love well when you accept him for EXACTLY WHO HE IS. (Wanting your partner to change is a losing game, and it’s a game a lot are playing out there.)
  • You won’t WANT TO PLAY GAMES anymore as you’ll have to be YOU, authentically, with respect, kindness, compassion and acceptance.
  • You’ll have cultivated RADICAL SELF-TRUST in your ability to choose the one that’s right for you, to set the boundaries that protect you from harm, and to truly love yourself.

Dive with me into the deep waters of your soul and to the unconditional love that already exists within your heart.