I am someone who always wanted partnership. I desired it so deeply that I did a lot of wild things to try and make it happen.

Things like:

  • Chasing men
  • Shapeshifting into who I thought they wanted me to be
  • Pretending to be “low maintenance”
  • Hiding my true feelings as to not appear “needy”

To name a few.

I did all of these things for a while until I really got that this was not working.

What DID work, however, was healing my own heart, cultivating self-worth, honoring my needs and boundaries and raising my standards for how I deserved to be treated, and actually learning the skills of Love.

I’ve been married for 5 years to an amazing, loving, supportive man who’s kind, respectful, and ADORES ME as much as I ADORE HIM. My husband proposed after 9 months of being with me, and before him, every relationship I had never really lasted more than 9 months - 1 year.

I have spent a ton of time healing myself and learning about Love to offer what I teach in this course.

The GOOD NEWS is…I’ve distilled the key
elements down into bite-sized EASY, QUICK
CHANGES that YOU can make.

If you long for epic partnership,

Most of us are not set up to thrive in Love.

Whether it’s through a dysfunctional childhood or just being caught up in our cultural narratives, it’s no wonder, so many of us are confused.

This is not your fault, but this is what has to change.

Chasing men doesn’t work.

Trying to be chosen doesn’t work.

Going on a million dates doesn’t work (and isn’t what you need to do!)

I can show you what DOES work, and it will ask you to surrender all of the things you think you know about Love.

Love changes us. Heals us. Transforms us. Awakens us. Through true Love we become our true self, the self that is fearless, open, generous, compassionate, powerful, and magnetic.

My decision to become a Radical Love + Relationship Coach comes down to a single moment.

After all of my struggles in dating and partnership, being with my husband felt like a breath of fresh air. The beginning of our relationship was steady, and he offered consistent care and thoughtfulness. After a few weeks of dating, there was a moment when I was sitting with him on the beach by where we lived, and I was overwhelmed with a tremendous sense of peace. In that moment, everything made sense, the entire journey and all I had to do to bring me to that moment. I was safe, seen, supported, and understood. I was falling in Love, and I could see what it took for me to get here.

Then I realized that this is what it has always been about - peace, connection, joy. The Love that we crave is this - it’s not pain, drama, confusion, or anxiety.

This work is what gets me up in the morning.

This work is what my soul came here to do.

And this work is what gives me life.

They were all WILLING to LET GO of everything they thought they knew about dating and relationships (that clearly wasn’t working), were WILLING TO CHANGE, and DID THE INNER WORK that brought their life partners to them.

Each of them met their husbands a short time after they implemented the methods. The length of their marriages and partnerships range from 3 to 10 years.

My mission is to help women meet their partner and have a LIFETIME of LOVE.

This course is for you if you LONG FOR LOVE MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD…


My mission for you is to have:

  • The epic, beautiful soulful Love that feels like coming home
  • The Love that you’ve always dreamed of having but never fully believed was possible for you
  • The kind of romance that poets write poems about, and songwriters write love songs about
  • The greatest adventure of your entire life

My new 10-week course, Dating Decoded…Digging Deeper: The Path to Your Partner…an advanced course in dating is NOT regurgitated information that you can get on YouTube, or learning strategies to manipulate a man.

It’s for the woman who really wants TO FIND LASTING LOVE but has struggled for years to make it happen.

In Dating Decoded, the advanced course, you’ll experience an inner transformation and energetic shift that will create ease and fun and EFFORTLESS MAGNETISM in dating because you’ll have learned how to be true to yourself.

No more losing yourself in Love or being afraid to speak up or worried you’re “too much.”
EMPOWERMENT IN DATING is having clarity about knowing EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT, and refusing to accept anything less.

Your decision to take my course is you affirming to the Universe that you’re no longer willing to put up with dating games, disappointment, discouragement, and disempowerment.

The women who come to me for help to meet
their partner are beautiful …inside and out…

So many of the women who come to me are beautiful and accomplished. They’re spiritual, engaged in personal development, but still haven’t found the one thing they really want…their LIFE PARTNER.

Most of these women are bright, shining stars in their careers. They have great lives, great friends, own their own home, travel the world. They have everything a person could want.

They feel lonely and embarrassed about not having figured this out when they’re so used to being high achievers in every other area of their life.

Enroll, and it’s going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN MIRACULOUS WAYS. Just as it did for me…and my many now HAPPILY MARRIED CLIENTS.



Here’s what working with me did for Alison T…

“After years of dysfunctional relationships, it was easy for me to give up on men. I was surrounded by women who had negative attitudes about men/dating, and I was right there with them.
I was always ghosted, being sent dick pics, and there was no follow-through on the app. So when Catherine told me it was POSSIBLE FOR LOVE TO BE INEVITABLE, I didn’t believe her.
That all changed once I started working with her. I got honest with myself and realized that what I was doing wasn’t working, and I went ALL IN with the mindset work, affirmations, and the energetic practice Catherine taught me. I never missed a day of doing the work.
I invested in great dating profile pics and took all of Catherine’s suggestions about writing an epic profile. Guess what? No more dick pics, no more negative experiences online; I only get messages from HIGH-QUALITY MEN. It was nothing short of MIRACULOUS.
I am currently dating a man who plans the most amazing dates I’ve ever been on, is consistent and clear on how he feels about me, is a gentleman, and I am having so much fun! This all WORKS!”
-Alison T

Stories like this make me SO HAPPY. This is what I want for you.

Dating Decoded...Digging Deeper:
The Proven Path to Meeting Your Partner

an Advanced Course in Dating

Why this is the Best Option For YOU

I’m thrilled to introduce my BRAND NEW PROGRAM that will…

  • Help demystify dating
  • Help you stop thinking dating is hard and start having fun on your dates (In addition to achieving internal changes with the new awareness you’ll experience in the course, you’ll learn to screen out men who aren’t right for you.)
  • Help you get your power back to create the love life you want, attract the right guy with ease, who…SURPRISE!...will turn out to be the life partner you’ve always wanted.

You’ll be amazed at how easily you’ll change once you have awareness of WHY this didn’t happen before and how the changes you’ve made SUDDENLY allowed the Universe to bring him to you (Water meets its own level).

If you feel jaded, WELCOME! I’m so excited that you’re here because YOU are my IDEAL CLIENT, and I can help you to bring your soul mate to you… FAST using my PROVEN, SUCCESSFUL methods.

What makes my Dating Decoded…
Digging Deeper Program Different?

I know there are 20 trillion dating programs.

The difference between my program and all the others is the SET-UP FOR LASTING LOVE.

Not just to get a date or enter a two-month or two-year relationship but to magnetize your life partner.

I’ve helped countless women have this. It makes me so happy to see my clients happy and finally having their partner after such a long time struggling to find him.

I LOVE helping women create LOVE.


“Before working with Catherine, dating was a game to me. It wasn’t hard for me to get dates but dating was a performance. No one was ever good enough. Through our work I realized I thought that being “perfect” was what was needed to find love and then I held “perfect” standards for every man I came into contact with and of course no one ever lived up to them. Through our work I learned how to be gentle with myself, how to show up more authentically (without dating games or rules) and make how I FEEL in a relationship more important than what it looks like. Within a short time I met the love of my life, Eric and we are engaged!”

That being said, another way that I’m different from other love coaches is that I DIVE DEEP with my clients.

I want to do a DEEP DIVE to get to the real reasons why you’re not getting the results you want (and maybe save you years of therapy).

And it could get uncomfortable. But in the best way…

Like the temporary pain of a deep massage that makes you feel so relaxed after…

Because the short-term discomfort is going to LEAD TO TRUE LOVE AND HAPPINESS and… it’ll be worth it.

To enjoy your dating life (and single status), YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO SURRENDER YOUR VIEWS AND CHANGE on the deepest level.

My 10-week program is going to be a uniquely intimate experience (20 WOMEN MAX).

It’s for the woman who knows it’s worth investing in herself to have the most important thing she wants in her life…HER PARTNER…and that she is truly MEANT FOR REAL LOVE.

There’s nothing more important than this.

You can have everything material that you want…great wealth, fancy clothes, fancy house, fancy car, fancy vacations, fancy friends, and still feel empty inside because you feel SO ALONE.

What’s it worth to you to invest in MY PROVEN METHODS that help you actually meet your TRUE LOVE?

I teach my clients to get out of their own way, completely change their dating experiences and meet the man of her dreams.

The best thing about my work is that my clients don't just MEET THE LOVE OF THEIR LIFE; they STAY with THEM. Some of them remain my clients after they’re married as they want to have their partnerships be healthy and happy. The best part is that THEY’RE ALL STILL IN LOVE!

I don't promote fast engagements. My success stories LAST.

My clients become empowered way beyond dating… They know how to navigate healthy relationships.

To participate in this program, I do have an IMPORTANT caveat…



If we weren’t in the middle (or the end...hopefully) of a pandemic and we were meeting in person, I would tell everyone who wants to join me to…

Check your ego at the door


  • The woman who really wants to meet her partner and is willing to give up what she’s been doing because I’ve helped HUNDREDS OF WOMEN FIND THEIR LIFE PARTNERS (including for my own!) and will follow my direction.
  • The woman who recognizes and will accept that I’m going to teach her things she doesn't know and help her see dating in a completely different light

You’re ready for my…

Dating Decoded…Digging Deeper
The Proven Path to Meeting Your Partner…
an Advanced Course in Dating


  • You’ve surrendered to the fact that the way you’ve been dating isn’t working and probably isn’t going to work
  • You’ve let go of your ego and acknowledge that you have no idea what you’re doing (and it’s NOT YOUR FAULT. No one taught you how to date and have healthy relationships)
  • You’re ready to take direction and make the necessary changes.

If you answered yes to the above, I’m delighted to invite you to...

This program is NOT for you…

❌ If you’re looking for hook-ups
❌ If you’re not willing to be uncomfortable or challenge yourself
❌ If you want me to convince you to believe in Love and do the work for you
❌ If you blame the dating apps

Pick Me…Pick Me!

When you meet your date for the first time, do you worry that HE WON’T CHOOSE YOU because you’re not pretty enough, thin enough, impressive enough, blah, blah, blah. All LIES that you tell yourself…

Here are two testimonials from women who
“wanted to be chosen”… and are now the “choosers.”

“I wanted so much to be chosen by a man. I didn’t realize that was driving me until Catherine helped me see if I wanted someone to choose me, then I WOULD NEED TO CHOOSE MYSELF FIRST.
To me now, choosing me means first and foremost knowing that MY ESSENCE IS BEAUTY AND LOVE. My body is beautiful, my heart is beautiful, my desires are beautiful, my soul is beautiful, and the way in which I move in the world is beautiful.
By choosing myself, I met the one who chose me and who chose me enthusiastically! The man who couldn’t wait to commit to me. I realized that I was falling in Love with one of my best friends, James. I am experiencing a relationship which has the ease, freedom, grounding, and joy that I used to only dream about. He was right in front of me the whole time. We are building a beautiful life together, and I have everything I ever wanted. The engagement, the marriage, and now the baby!
I’m SO grateful to Catherine, who asked the right questions and taught me what I needed to know to love differently.”

- Natalie F.

“I was having a really hard time moving on from past relationships, and I knew I needed professional help. I had a lot of ideas about what was going on - I read a lot of blogs and went to therapy - but I needed someone who could give me the tools to move on and would hold me accountable.
The most valuable thing I've gotten from working with Catherine is the ability to love myself through difficult periods and doubts. Instead of beating myself up, I acknowledge my feelings and why they're there, and I do whatever might help me process them, like journaling or meditating.
Coaching is easily one of the best things I've ever done. Through working with Catherine, I healed my heart and believed I was worthy and deserving of true Love.
Within a few weeks of signing up her online dating course, I met a great guy who I feel comfortable with, who is kind, generous, loving and excited to commit to our relationship!
It's not just about finding a relationship - it's about finding yourself. And that's a beautiful thing for every aspect of your life, and will be useful for your entire life.”

- Kelly F.

Sigh…Getting success stories like this never gets old.
I’ve coached hundreds of women to heal their hearts and helped DOZENS OF WOMEN attract their LIFE PARTNERS. And I want this for you too.

Join me for my 10-week course and I’ll show you how to create an amazing love story of your own!

Join me for my 10-week course and I’ll show you how to create an amazing love story of your own!

This course is for single women who want to meet an aligned partner and create the romantic relationship of their dreams….

Single women who want monogamous partnership, want the commitment, want a partner they can build a life with

Women who want to be fully alive in their life, to be confident, self-expressed and free of patriarchal conditioning that says you can’t have everything you want.

For the woman who believes in Love but has no idea how to create it, who is ready to.

Every day when I look at my husband, it is light years away from what I had ever experienced before, and every day I hear from clients who are madly in Love with their partners and partners who are madly in Love with them (STILL) not just "honeymoon phase."

My husband is DEVOTED, committed, loyal, and we are building a life together, and my clients found people they are building lives with. They learned how to stop wasting their time on the wrong men and align themselves and their time to exactly who is right.

Here are the details of the Dating Decoded…Digging Deeper:


The intention of this module is to unpack the lies of about Love…the thousands-of-years-old patriarch BS that a woman's value is in "being chosen" or that she’s not okay unless she has a partner (Don’t you hate when a stranger asks you, “Why are you still single?” as if there must be something wrong with you?). We’ll eliminate these beliefs once and for all. We’ll also bust myths around self -Love. This is the beginning of our journey, which MUST BEGIN WITH NURTURING YOURSELF, having a woman LOVE HER LIFE OUTSIDE OF PARTNERSHIP, and will take serious inventory of where she's out of alignment that's blocking Love.


  • Connect with your inherent self-worth, value, and confidence
  • Learn what it means to be IRRESISTIBLE
  • End forever any feelings of inadequacy, "not-enoughness" or the need “to be chosen"
  • Cultivate your attraction power to magnetize the man you want

the Blocks

This module will cover the SCIENCE AND PSYCHOLOGY OF LOVE. The “love imprint” is so incredibly powerful (You’ll learn what this means). It will help you to stop blaming yourselves and understand your brain and how to use it to make good choices that will empower you..


  • Recognize your patterns and why they’ve kept you stuck in your love life
  • Heal your heart…the hurts of the past, childhood wounds, and discover why you've ended up with toxic men or have been stuck being single when all you want is your partner
  • Understand attachment theory - the SCIENCE of Love, it's not hoping and wishing. It’s learning what WORKS
  • The importance of self-forgiveness and self-compassion, I'll take you through a healing process of releasing places of judgment within yourself (as forms of self-abandonment) and help you to see how disempowering it is to make a partner responsible for your happiness


Your Vision

This is not about creating a list of what you want in a partner. This is taking what you've learned so far, how you've understood your patterns of the past, and now you’re ready to create your future. To KNOW what you need and how to ASK for what you need without appearing "needy" or afraid of scaring someone away. This is the healing of people-pleasing, the story of women who are "too picky" or wondering if it's even possible.


  • Understand relationships needs and how essential it is to choose someone who fulfills your NEEDS versus a list of "wants"
  • Get so clear on your vision for partnership that you believe in it and have every woman around you supporting it
  • Release "I'm too picky" or "I want too much" so you know your standards and how you expect to be treated

Q + A

This is an open call to ask questions, deepen understanding of what you’ve learned so far and receive 1:1 coaching.

Date Like
a Queen

This is the module where it all comes together in becoming your most magnetic, fully self-expressed, and worthy self. Learn how to set yourself up for success in calling in high-quality men and healing the inner child part of you that might be looking for a knight in shining armor instead. Embody your authentic self and never feel dating anxiety again.


  • How to write a profile that stands out
  • How to build emotional attraction with men
  • How to stop having dead-end conversations on an app and get asked out FAST
  • The art of flirting and communication
  • To stop dating anxiety and fear


a King

This module is all about men. How to stop attracting "Peter Pan" types of men who won't show up for you, or men you have to drag along. You’ll learn the difference between how a king thinks and how a prince thinks…a man who is ready for a relationship versus a man who is not.


  • Understand Men…The magic of men and how they think
  • Understand a man's commitment journey
  • Understand how to keep the passion alive
  • Discover the power of feminine magnetism, playfulness and what it takes to create healthy intimacy

The Skills

of Love

In this module, we’ll cover the skills of dating and relating…the things that you should have learned in school. This is the never be afraid to speak up for yourself, stand in your power and truth, how to stop blaming or shaming or criticizing men, and actually connect deeply. There is a whole workbook on navigating triggers. Triggers come up with dating and will come up in a relationship, so you'll have this to refer to whenever this comes up.


  • The art of communicating well
  • How to ask for what you need and set boundaries
  • How to communicate your feelings, so you are heard and understood
  • How to hold space for him and the best questions to ask men
  • How to manage your triggers/reactivity

Q + A

Another call where you can ask questions. There’ll be a deep dive in 1:1 coaching, and I can expand on everything you’ve learned so far. Bring your dating stories and have real-time feedback.


in Love

We’ll celebrate the end of second-guessing yourself, deepening what you’ve learned, and having it fully integrated, so you know yourself deeply. You’ll cultivate a relationship with the Universe…a spiritual life which is essential to not making a man "God" and your whole world. Anyone with trust issues will heal in this module, learning to TRUST LIFE and have a truly open heart, which is essential for Love.


  • Believe that you deserve to be supported, celebrated, and seen
  • Discover the powers of manifestation… how to actually RECEIVE YOUR PARTNER
  • Hold self-trust


and Integration

This module will actually be a ceremony to celebrate the journey you’ve been on together, have support integrating what you’ve learned so that you know how to keep going, celebrate the relationships that most definitely will have formed, the men you’re dating, practice the art of believing that EVERY WOMAN GETS TO HAVE LOVE and that there is no scarcity. When one woman is happy, we all are happy. You’ll learn the art of bragging about good Love rather than complaining about men.

My clients are receiving the benefit of my once lousy love life…

  • They’ve saved YEARS of their lives and heartache by learning the skills of Love
  • They’ve stopped spinning their wheels, hoping and wishing and going on a million dates and being on a million apps
  • They learned how to give themselves a break
  • They learned how to attract Love FAST

This is a LIVE group coaching program, and we begin on 2-22-22.

Once you register, it’ll be easy peasy…

You’ll have instant access to the private Facebook group.

We’ll meet LIVE weekly for 10 weeks, where you'll be in a transformational experience with the women and me in the group around dating and relationships.

You’ll receive workbooks for each of the teaching modules that you can return to over and over again. Like giving directions on how to bake the best cake, I'm giving you the ingredients for healthy, epic Love.

And you’ll receive practical BONUSES that are extremely valuable for women who are navigating dating and relationships.

You'll have a group of like-minded women at your side and me as you navigate dating and relationships, reminding you of your greatness because we are no longer accepting the myth that women are supposed to do everything alone.

Don’t worry if you miss any of the sessions. They’ll be recorded, and you can listen to them at your leisure.

You’ll have a private portal where all of the course materials will live.

Enrolling in this course affirms to the Universe that you’re actively getting ready to meet your partner…and it can happen FAST!

For my lovely Dating Decoded Masterclass participants:
When you see the magic that can happen in 5 days, wait till you see the magic that happens in 10 weeks.

For everyone:

I have clients who met their partner in the first 10 weeks of working with me.

In 10 weeks, you could very well be dating someone freaken phenomenal, be the most relaxed and the most confident that you've ever been, and SURE of the inevitability of meeting your Love.

You’ll have freed yourself of the exhaustion, disappointment, and discouragement and will touch the power of your own Love, confidence, and magnetism.

You’ll fall more in Love with your life and know how to choose a partner who ADDS to your life rather than take anything away from it.

In 10 weeks, you could be moving forward with an aligned partner, someone that you’re excited about.

The best part is that you’ll know exactly how he feels about you because HE TELLS YOU.

You’re relaxed because he’s all in with you. You’re no longer anxious or worried, and you trust yourself COMPLETELY.

Gone are the questions "Am I doing this right? Or "Am I too picky?" Or "Should I give him a chance?" You’re filled with knowing, "I am enough. I trust myself. I am worthy and deserving of extraordinary Love."

I’ve spent the past 10 years working with hundreds of women by way of 1:1 and group coaching programs, and leading workshops and women’s circles. I’ve been trained in Relational Life Therapy (Terry Real), Healing Our Core Issues Developmental Trauma Program as well as the REBLOOM method, Somatic Attachment, and I’m currently doing the Couples Institute Training.

You’re going to love the benefits of doing this course!

  • You’re going to have lots of men asking you out weekly
  • You’ll have unshakable confidence, self-esteem, and connection to your self-worth so that you're empowered in every area of your life
  • You’ll no longer be surrounded by any toxic people - at work, in your friendships or in romantic relationships
  • You’ll be committed to a partner who can't wait to shower you with Love, propose to you (if that's what you want) or live with you and build a life together
  • You’ll navigate your triggers like a BOSS and never spiral out again
  • You’ll have the freedom to be fully self-expressed, so you follow your dream, take the trip you've always wanted to, start a business, or leave the job you hate
  • You’ll heal family relationships and friendships
  • You’ll attract more high-quality people in every area of your life

Individual Coaching with me costs 5 figures,
so this course is a STEAL. Especially as you’ll get a BONUS personal call with me (a $750 value).

This is going to be a cozy, intimate group
I only have space for 20 women and it’s first come, first serve
If you want to know how to enjoy dating and how to meet your beautiful life partner...

Here’s what you’ll get when you enroll:

  • A 10-week program to attract an aligned partner and never feel bad about being single again
  • You'll receive an email with your private account and a "welcome video" to the program and introduction worksheet
  • Instant access to my private Facebook group (which will open one week before the program starts)
  • A 45-minute individual call with me during the 10-week period of the course (a $750 value)

PLUS these super-helpful mini eBooks to help you meet your man:

My infamous Dating Profile Guide, where I tell you the types of photos you need and what NOT to say (a $22.97 value)

Texting Scripts for when you first match (a $19.97 value)

Boundary Scripts for when you need them (a $19.97 value)

Feminine Communication in Dating so you let him lead (a $19.97 value)

A pre-recorded 90-minute Attachment Workshop to get clarity on your attachment style and what to look for when dating (a $150 value)

I don’t want you to spend another lonely Valentine’s Day wishing you were with your life partner

You are meant for Love and you never have to spend Valentine's Day alone again
You don't have to keep spinning your wheels on dating apps or going on bad dates
You can't afford to keep doing the same thing when your partner is looking for you and your entire year could be different followed by the rest of your life when you find your person

Join Dating Decoded and finally learn how to attract
Your life partner and your beautiful life together.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing
And expecting a different result.
I guarantee your dating and love life will change if you take this course.
If you don’t, there’s a good chance that it won’t.

Let me show you how to create an amazing love story of your own

Your partner’s out there in the world, walking around, excited to MEET YOU.
I’ll show you how to shift your energy so that you’ll magnetize each other and meet IN REAL LIFE…not just in your dreams.

  • Finding lasting Love
  • Having a grounded, fulfilling, passionate relationship that you feel safe in
  • Surrendering to the greatest Love you’ve ever known
  • Transmuting your fears around relationships so you can be healed and whole
  • Opening yourself up to receive all the romance you can imagine
  • Embracing every bit of yourself so that you can embrace every bit of your partner
  • Being fully present and feeling more alive than you even knew was possible

With my help…you can make this a reality.
It’s time to stop being jealous as you watch your best friends get engaged and married to the loves of their lives while you’re silently ashamed that you’re still single. Or feeling lonely when you see couples on the street embracing wishing so much that you could have that.

Well you can…

Join me and a small intimate group of women who feel just like you. You’ll feel so much better than being sad and lonely alone.

This is going to be so good for you.



Catherine Danieli is a trained love and relationship coach helping women heal fear-based relationship patterns so that they can experience radical self love and healthy, extraordinary romantic relationships. She has spent over 10 years supporting women in finding the partner of their dreams and learning the skills and tools to make love last. She is incredibly passionate about conscious relationships and empowering people to create healthy relationships in their lives. She believes healthy relationships are what will heal the world. After overcoming her own painful journey through love addiction and codependency, and seeing so many people in pain over love, she has devoted her life to teaching women how to transform, heal and have new experiences in partnership. She works with women 1:1, leads workshops and retreats as well as couples intensives. www.CatherineDanieli.com