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Wouldn’t it be great if you could wake up tomorrow and be the kind of woman who effortlessly attracts attention from quality men wherever she goes and has her pick of whom she wants to date?

What if I told you that you could one day soon be one of those women with a few simple shifts internally and behaviorally?

I’ve seen it happen with my clients over and over.

Here’s the thing…those women aren’t any smarter, richer, prettier, or sexier than you are.

Some women do seem to come by this more naturally than others. Perhaps they have confident mothers, or adoring fathers.

But guess what? You don’t have to have had a perfect childhood, totally supported by loving, present parents to find your own happily ever after.

Relationship studies show that women who end up happily partnered followed a lot of the same steps. They…

  • Carry themselves with maturity
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Aren’t needy and insecure
  • Don’t bond too quickly
  • Don’t stick around too long with men who can’t met their needs
  • Hold out for the RIGHT MAN that adores them and makes them feel happy and loved.

The good news is that YOU ALREADY HAVE THIS POWER WITHIN YOU. You’re just not accessing it because you don’t know that it exists…YET.

In my 5-Day Masterclass:

“Dating Decoded… How to Have Fun Dating and Meet your Match,”

I’m going to show you that YOU ARE THE PRIZE

and deserve a man who knows it and shows it.

Change your MINDSET to one that creates extraordinary love

  • Stop your negative thoughts about meeting a man…(all the good men are married or gay yada yada yada…)
  • How to have faith that love is not only possible, but INEVITABLE if you shift your thinking.
  • Realize that you aren’t too much, too picky and yours standards aren't too high. This isn’t about his physical traits but how he approaches, treats, and engages with you on the app.

Learn to have SELF RESPECT and VALUE YOURSELF (the real reason you settle and are afraid to be alone)

  • If you’re "walled off" or a "doormat," I’ll help you stop and teach you how to become the queen you were always meant to be!
  • You’ll no longer feel “lucky” to get ANY ATTENTION from a man, and set standards for how you want to be treated.
  • If you tell yourself that you don’t have time to date, I’ll help you see that it’s actually about not wanting to feel vulnerable. OR if you go out on a million dates with no idea how to discern who’s right for you, and then wonder why you’re burned out, I’ll show how dating can be fun when you do it right!

Screening IN vs. Screening Out

  • You’ll learn what to look for… The difference between choosing a man for something superficial vs. looking for something REAL about him.
  • How control and reactivity show up with online dating (which is rooted in not feeling safe because of childhood wounding).
  • What “openness” really means… It’s NOT about giving every man a chance, or not holding him accountable for bad behavior, but LETTING HIM SHOW YOU WHO HE IS and learning how to be vulnerable.

Which ARCHETYPE (energy) are you?

  • 1. The CHILD attracts a parent.
  • 2. The THERAPIST / MOTHER attracts someone who needs to be rescued.
  • 3. The WARRIOR never attracts anyone because no one is good enough and she won’t let anyone in.
  • 4. THE QUEEN ATTRACTS A KING (This is the archetype I want for you).
  • If you don't know which archetypal energy you have you'll end up with what you don't want
  • Your power is in your energy, not strategy
  • How do you nurture and care for yourself?

Belief in LOVE and Meeting your Man

  • It is possible to believe that finding your partner is INEVITABLE.
  • If your thoughts and feelings about finding love see-saw between certainty and doubt, that's why you're struggling. You’ll learn how to strongly believe in what you’re creating and your behavior will naturally align.
  • Invest your time, energy and attention in ALIGNING WITH LOVE. (ALL of my clients say this is the best thing they ever did for themselves.)

In a world that’s so loud, chaotic, and unpredictable right now
may love be peaceful, safe, secure and a SURE thing.

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My wish for you is that you open your heart to love,

are willing to be vulnerable (vulnerability = strength) and for you to be a woman

claiming what you want and all that you desire...

to find your SOULMATE who adds even more joy to your life, who complements your life, who supports, admires and respects you and who you are and is enthusiastic about partnering with you.


Catherine Danieli is a trained love and relationship coach helping women heal fear-based relationship patterns so that they can experience radical self love and healthy, extraordinary romantic relationships. She has spent over 10 years supporting women in finding the partner of their dreams and learning the skills and tools to make love last. She is incredibly passionate about conscious relationships and empowering people to create healthy relationships in their lives. She believes healthy relationships are what will heal the world. After overcoming her own painful journey through love addiction and codependency, and seeing so many people in pain over love, she has devoted her life to teaching women how to transform, heal and have new experiences in partnership. She works with women 1:1, leads workshops and retreats as well as couples intensives.